Suzanne Curtis

Having lived most of my life beside the harbour one cannot help but be inspired by the ebb and flow of the tides and the rhythm of the water. The term Endless High Tide has been coined by my family to represent all that is bountiful, full of life and perpetual. In this exhibition I have attempted to capture these feelings in representations of the boatsheds that are found around Sydney Harbour.┬áThere’s a certain attraction that a boatshed holds. Although they are simply buildings designed to store boats, they sit peacefully on their waterfront sites inviting closer inspection. This exhibition is also very much about the process of creating the works. The project is made up of three distinct stages of work using the same images but different media.Using painted, photographic papers I build small, three dimensional paintings. I find that the cutting and pasting process helps me to break down and abstract the image. The images, like the buildings they reflect are simple and straightforward but gain their interest from the scratches and texture formed when applying paint to photographic paper, and discovering the underlying photographic images.These works are then copied and, using a transfer lift process, a unique print is made of each. These prints are then drawn into using pastels or pencil, and sometimes added to, using paper or fabric collage.The final stage is creating larger works, using the three dimensional works as studies. I use a mix of acrylic, oil and bitumen to create these larger paintings building up a rich textured surface.

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