Susanna Chen Chow

One stream of communication that I am most comfortable with is painting. I communicate by exploring different media and different techniques such as layering of the surface to achieve rich textures to portray moods, feeling and beauty. I often start a painting without pre-conceived subject matter. Sometimes the painting itself dictates the images. At other times I introduce a simplified structure based on my traditional training in drawing, composition and design. ‘Working’ this way becomes play. Creativity can be about looking and making many small decisions during a painting until the subject reveals itself to me. I enjoy experimenting with texture and colour to capture movement and light using warm and cool colours. My latest works involve the layering of acrylic paint to achieve a gradual build up of subtle textures. There is an underlying structure to the image which becomes obvious to the viewer with continued observation. Subjects include the water that I see every day from my home/studio on Middle Harbour as well as images witnessed on my many travels overseas. I love drawing; it is second nature to me. It is a form of meditation and directs me to be ‘in the moment’. Suzanna has won numerous awards, recently she won the medal of distinction at the spring exhibition at the Royal Art Society of N.S.W.

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