Larissa Smagarinsky

Love Is Beauty

Larissa – I  came back to my semi-figurative style, based on human forms. Human body always feeds my imagination, inspired me as an artist to create again and again.

In decades my main theme in sculptures is love, Love in all its forms. Love is beauty. “Beauty is truth” John Keats.

I would like to show a positive outlook on life by Expressing beauty in my work as an opposite to horror and disasters. Bad news bombarding us from all directions. Television, newspapers, radio, magazines, brochures. With my sculptures I am trying to give viewers a break. Relax for a while and enjoy the beauty expressed in ‘Eternal love’, ‘Double Face Beauty’, Madonna, ‘The Song’, ‘Lovers’ and others.

With my body of work I am saying to people

Beauty in Life Still Exists


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