Deborah Wilkinson

My drawings over the years have had a diary-like feel as I attempt to record life’s experiences as I see and feel them around me. Each drawing is like a page from a diary. I am interested in the every day. The everyday and universal complexities involved in living, and of dying. Of relationships and our communications. But also, importantly, our emotional investment in these. I ask of myself, and others “ How do you feel about death and dying? What do you understand of emotions? How do they contribute to our relationships and communication and why is it that our attempts at these are, at times, so inept?” Essentially what it means to be human. How do you draw understanding and non-understanding with line and shade? Inherent in all aspects of living and dying is a pull between opposing forces. A counterbalance weighted with apparent contradictions. This dynamic moves us physically and emotionally between presence and absence, internal and external, verbal and non-verbal, resilience and frailty. A coming and going. This contract between complementary forces and elements is also reflected in the process of drawing. The spark that a tension of opposites creates relies on the interplay between space and form, tone and colours. Between description and abstraction, the conscious and unconscious, the known and the unknown.

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